Nobody actually knows where the name Boise comes from, but it was most certainly from some French people referring to the forests (Bois means forest in French). I worked with Boise native and our printer of record Tony Marostica on this one.

Have you noticed that�frame shops never go out of business? There's a reason. It's a highly specialized skill that requires individual attention.�Irecommend using your local framer.

Alternatively,�has standard sized frames with many options.�

Letterpress is a very complicated and expensive printing method that I am obsessed with.�All Letterpress are�slammed with�600 pounds of pressure, creating a deep, tactile texture. The ink gets embedded into the thick soft paper so it won't fade within your lifetime. Read more about letterpress printinghere.

So why all the circles?�Research�indicates that GPS's are hindering our ability to create mental maps of our surroundings. My maps aim to install a "Map from the Mind" for each city, simplifying structures and districts in the simplest terms. Each design is taken as a new challenge, using the knowledge of locals to create a map that is both beautiful and useful.

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