Just add wine.

Introducing our new Wine-Ote's Felt Wine Marker Note Cards as an extension of our best selling Merino wool felt wine markers?Wine-O?s. A great host gift as an addition to any festivity (special event, party, or gathering) and even better paired with a bottle of wine.

Peel, Pour, and Party. When the wine starts flowing it can be almost impossible to tell which glass is yours. Our removable Merino wool felt Wine-O?s provide instant proof of glass ownership. Pick your color, hook it to your glass, experience piece-of-wine like never before.

Blank folded card interior allows for personal messages of cheers and celebration.?


Artist Collaboration:?

We have partnered with Claire Gallagher a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator who has a strong POV and illustration talent to add drawings to the wine-Ote?s cards and add creatures as well as elements of joy.?She has a design shop and studio called?Animal Theory?and sells her own treasures as well.?


Includes a folded card, 7 round felt Wine-O's, an envelope, and a plastic sleeve.
Artist Bio:?Claire Gallagher, a Los Angeles-based artist, and writer whose work explores the shapes of life through people and animals. On any given day, she can be found drawing, painting, writing, or figuring out how to run a small business. You can find her and more of her work at?Animal Theory?or her Instagram?@animal.theory